A Short Bio of Dreamtale

Dreamtale, a Finnish messenger of melodic power metal, was founded in 1999 by songwriter/guitarist Rami Keränen. The band released its first three albums through Spinefarm during 2002-2005, gaining listeners from Finland to Japan. One sign of their success was the single “Powerplay”, a bonus track off the Japanese version of the band's third album, hitting 9th place on Finland's official singles chart.

During 20+ years Dreamtale has been doing live shows in and outside of Finland, e.g. Italy, Russia and even China, and worked with well known artists such as Marko Hietala, Jarkko Ahola and Timo Tolkki. In 2019 the band refreshed its sound with the addition of a second vocalist, Nitte Valo (ex-Battle Beast). 2022 saw the band releasing their anticipated eighth album Everlasting Flame, which hit 6th place on Finland’s physical CD’s chart and 27th place on the albums chart.

Upcoming gigs


  • Nitte Valo - Vocals
  • Jarno Vitri - Vocals
  • Rami Keränen - Guitar
  • Akseli Kaasalainen - Keyboard
  • Arto Pitkänen - Drums
  • Zsolt Szilagyi - Guitar
  • Mikko Hepo-oja - Bass


  • Beyond Reality (2002)
  • Ocean's Heart (2003)
  • Difference (2005)
  • Phoenix (2008)
  • Epsilon (2011)
  • World Changed Forever (2013)
  • Seventhian (2016)
  • Everlasting Flame (2022)



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Booking Agency

  • Mika Soini
  • +358 45 846 9367
  • mika.soini78[at]gmail.com