A Short Bio of Dreamtale

Formed in 1999 by the guitarist/songwriter Rami Keränen, Dreamtale are one of the most underrated bands of the melodic power-metal scene. Nevertheless, through the powerful vision and relentless work of Keränen, the band has survived and outlived record labels, lineup changes and many competitors, while at the same time producing music, which the fans love.

The core of the current lineup was established around ten years ago and it is now regarded as the ”classic” Dreamtale — known for it’s energetic and powerful live performances, melodic albums and lyrics that have unusual depth and purity in the power-metal genre.

Outside their native Finland, the band have toured in Italy, Russia and China and are releasing their 7th album in 2016. The latest release will be a double-album, with one disc featuring re-recorded versions of the early material and the other one carrying brand new songs.


  • Erkki Seppänen - Vocals
  • Rami Keränen - Guitar
  • Seppo Kolehmainen - Guitar
  • Akseli Kaasalainen - Keyboard
  • Heikki Ahonen - Bass


  • Beyond Reality (2002)
  • Ocean's Heart (2003)
  • Difference (2005)
  • Phoenix (2008)
  • Epsilon (2011)
  • World Changed Forever (2013)
  • Seventhian (2016)



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